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Casino Parties

Creative Entertainment

Are you looking for a fun and exciting activity for your next corporate or Fund-Raising Event? Creative Entertainment can bring the fun and excitement of Las Vegas to your next party. We have Casino games including Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Roulette and Horse Racing and dealers that make you and your guests feel like they are in a real casino, except they play just for fun, no gambling!! Casino parties are the perfect way to entertain your clients or employees in a fun atmosphere. No one needs to be an expert; because our trained and friendly dealers will help your guests understand and play all the various casino games. Casino games are great conversation starters, encouraging mingling among unfamiliar guests and the challenge of the games and the chance to win prizes keeps your guests engaged until the very end. Make your event complete with music, Casino decorations and even Showgirls!! Don’t gamble with the competition; give Creative Entertainment a call today to set up your event.

Horse Racing Game
Players choose a Horse #1 through #6 and place a bet with the jockey. They receive a betting slip with the information about the amount of the bet, Race # and Horse #.

When several people have placed bets, the Jockey will start the race. The horses are all at the starting line and usually we’ll ask a guest to roll the dice on the silver tray. There are two dice and whatever number comes up on the dice that horse gets to move forward one space. Example: if a 6 and a 2 are rolled, Horse #2 and Horse #6 move forward one space. The dice are rolled until one Horse reaches the finish line. The players who had bet on that horse are paid back their bet and receive the same amount in winnings.

The Jockey then starts to take bets for the next race. Guests can play as many times as they want and the game runs throughout the evening.

Casino play money and chips are used; there is no exchange or betting of real money. This is for entertainment only.




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