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Creative Entertainment
Creative Entertainment - Pianist


Piano music can span every genre of music from classical, ragtime, jazz, or pop favorites. It can offer background music or start a sing-along from your guests. Our professionals can play a piano on site or bring an electronic piano if there is not one available at your venue. If you are looking for a cocktail pianist, jazz pianist, church or wedding pianist give us a call for one of our quality professionals.

Creative Entertainment - Harpist


A Harp can create a very special ambiance for a wedding ceremony, reception, or special event. Harpists can play a variety of music suitable for your needs. A Harpist can also be paired with another instrument such as a flute, cello or violin to produce an enchanting sound. Harp music is often described as ethereal, and a classical harpist will add elegance to any formal occasion.

Creative Entertainment - Guitarist


An Acoustic Guitar Player can be used for any type of event or venue including parties, restaurants, corporate events and wedding ceremonies and receptions. Acoustic guitar music spans many genres including pop, folk, blues, rock, jazz, classical and top 40. They can also provide amplification if needed and supply a nice background for any event.

Creative Entertainment - Violinist


The violin is a beautiful string instrument that can play solo or with other instruments. The violin is most often used to play either as a soloist or duo, trio, or string quartet. Violinists are wonderful for wedding ceremonies and receptions as well as cocktail gatherings. Often you hear them strolling in restaurants performing table to table. They are most often used at wedding ceremonies and will play prelude music as well as processional and recessional music.

Creative Entertainment - Banjo Players

Variety Music

If the event calls for some lively background or entertainment music add some Bluegrass with a Banjo and Fiddle and you have a party!




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