About Us

Creative Entertainment

Creative Entertainment Creative Entertainment VA is owned and operated by Vicki Shannan Thompson and son Todd Bryant. It started in 1985 with providing DJ music at a small pool party. Over the years we began to include representing and booking bands for events. As business continued we saw a need to provide all types of entertainment that any client might need but didn’t know where to find. Being an agency between acts and clients we are able to put the right mix together to provide just the right entertainment for the client.

As business progressed the entertainment scene went from a time when all hotels and night clubs would have bands five nights a week to now when most have a DJ occasionally. We expanded into the private market for corporate events, conventions, Weddings and fund raisers due to the change in the demand for entertainment.

In the early 90’s entertainment had become mostly a DJ demand and live bands were considered too expensive and unable to provide the vast variety of music that a client wanted. That vastly changed the entertainment industry. To adjust there are now many more Disc Jockeys than there are live bands.

Disc Jockeys have changed immensely over the years as technology has developed. From the times of spinning records to current days when most use a computer to store and play their music it has been important to keep up with the times.

So now we have the times of new technology that everyone has music on an iPod and feels that they can provide the music for an event. There is a big difference between playing a programmed device and having a professional DJ who is engaged in the event and playing the right music at the right time, making announcements as necessary and keeping the party moving throughout the event.

So as this iPod world continues we saw a need for a different more interactive type of entertainment. It needed to be something that would engage an audience and keep them at the party. With all of our family now living in Las Vegas evolved the idea to develop and build a Casino Party. Todd had moved to Las Vegas for a year and returned ready to roll (yes that was an intended pun). Vicki went to Las Vegas to dealer’s school and so the project began. It started small with a few tables to now include regulation size and Casino quality tables including Craps, Roulette, Blackjack and Texas Hold’em. Parties include up to fifty games with all the chips, cards, supplies and uniformed trained dealers. We include a Disc Jockey for a complete entertainment package. We can also provide Showgirls to give that Las Vegas atmosphere.

We came from an agency that provided mostly bands to now where Professional Disc Jockeys are the biggest demand for Weddings and the Casino Package is the most popular for corporate, holiday and fund raising events. We adapted to the changes in the market over the years and keep looking ahead to try to expand into any new needs and ideas that will best serve the market.